If you do not have a ready order for a full container, you want to reduce stocks and get exactly the amount of goods that you need at that time with cost optimization for you an ideal solution is LCL transport of shipments. By using this type of service and sharing a place in the container with other users, you pay only for the place occupied by your shipment. Thanks to our extensive and well-established network of partners in the P2P Group, we offer you a quick, easy, and economical solution for all your smaller shipments. We can pick up and deliver your shipments either in import or export from “door to door” without unnecessary additional transshipments, with maximum security when handling at transshipment points.
Our LCL team efficiently, qualitatively, and carefree stacks all the cubes in the LCL transport chain for your smaller LCL shipments.

Advantages of this type of transport:

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