Our story

Our story

P2P Group is a regional leader that provides its clients full service in the field of transport and logistics. We operate in the Croatian, Bosnian and Herzegovinian, Serbian, Montenegrin, Macedonian and Kosovan markets. By working in P2P Group you become a part of not only regional, but global work environment through working with our clients and partners around the world. We will support your growth with our knowledge and motivation, through possibilities and challenges that spark your knowledge and skills, so you can develop your full potential and fulfill your desired goals which will contribute to both you and your company. We create and believe in work environment that is motivating, an environment where you will be able to complete all your tasks and constantly improve your knowledge and skills, and achieve new, great results and be your best self along with your team.

Learning and improving

Constant investing in improvements for a faster and better realization of ideas.

Consistent practice

Accumulated knowledge and experience gives us an excellent basis to choose the right path and to provide the best service for our clients.


Offering services that exceed our clients’ expectations.


We are broading limits using our innovativness and creativity to support our services and development and to improve our products.


We respect the diversity of every individual so we can build a team that will work together in  creating new values for our clients.


We see challenges as opportunities, we face them without fear and outside our comfort zone using individual power.


The service we provide is reliable, professional and it will leave you careless.

Clients' satisfaction

Understanding what every client needs is the key to provide the right level of service, with an additional value to it, that will exceed clients’ expectations.

Corporate sustainability

Fundamental beliefs

Corporate sustainability

We hold on to our fundamental beliefs in our business and we act based on those values. We advocate minimizing negative influences and promoting and strengthening positive influence on people, society and nature around us. We have developed true passion towards nature and we are committed to our employees and to a community where we operate. We develop our business strategies and operations based on core values in the fields of human rights, work and environment, through various innovations, investments and cooperations.